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"Unmatched Taste, Unparalleled Quality: Premium Pistachios."

At Pistantico, we offer rich and subtle flavors of our sustainably-sourced premium quality pistachios. Sourced from the finest growers and hand-selected for their delicate and unique taste, these pistachios are the perfect addition to your dishes and meals.

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Indulge in the Finest Pistachio Butter to Elevate Your Health

Open up to the deliciousness of our pistachio butters that not only taste good but also help improve your wellbeing. While preparing this cream, we highly care about its quality. An artisanal process exclusively makes it the sweet cream, and the final results are extremely yummy and genuine!

Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, pistachios help protect from cardiovascular diseases while lowering cholesterol levels.

Pistantico’s goal has always been to deliver the best items to your homes while continuing to promote our customers' well-being.


“Experience the pristine natural splendor!”

We focus on making tasty, safe, sustainable nut butters that promote a healthy lifestyle. Each product from Pistantico is manufactured with close attention and great care.


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